Technical Analysis

Swing Analysis

In essence, swing analyzes are the tool that helps to determine the direction of the price movements of the parity and labels the switch points as Higher/Lower of Highs and Lows. It is a market approach that depends on constant rules. The outputs that are generated contribute to the whole technical analyzes of the Adwiser.

Support & Resistance

Support & Resistance areas are the most popular and essential concepts of the technical analysis. On Adwiser, we benefit from the output of the “Swing Analyzes” which are the local top&down labels of the market. When we observed these local price levels do not break their borders according to the price action, we assume that it might be the support&resistance area of the market.

Libra Trading Setup

Libra Trading Setup is known as similarity of the well-known trading patterns which are Head&Shoulders and Reversal Head&Shoulders. Libra Trading Setup is a pattern that tries to catch the counter-trend movement at the most possible advantageous price level so that it has a low success ratio but a huge reward.

T618 Trading Setup

T618 is a trading approach that comes out when a parity has changed of trend. It depends on swing analysis and tries to indicate the most advantageous price level to open positions for buyers or sellers according to the direction of the trend change and it utilizes the Fibonacci number while it is doing that.