Frequently Asked Questions

Adwiser is an investment instrument analysis application developed by PRP Business Solutions. For professional, institutional and new investors, it blends "Technical Analysis" and "Onchain Analysis", allowing analysis of different investment tools from a single platform.

A solution that allows you to see the analysis of your investment instruments on a single platform.
Robotic and Software technologies.
Professional technical analysis algorithms.
Academic and instructive application.
Multi-language support.

Adwiser will combine "Technical Analysis" and "Onchain Analysis" for you in Cryptocurrency market.

Statistical studies which are based on numerical data and done for all markets and investment instruments are technical analysis.

Technical Analysis is a professional analysis method that examines price fluctuations arising from supply-demand balance on all financial investment instruments with an effective market structure, focusing on volume and market behavior.

It is the study of data stored in a blockchain network. It examines the behavior and motivations of blockchain network participants.They are specialized analyzes and indicators made by considering data such as time information, pricing, mining activities and addresses on the blockchain.Onchain analysis allows for more in-depth and consistent analysis of crypto assets, rather than just focusing on price movements

At 1 hour, 4 hour and 24 hour frequencies, the data will be refreshed and each updated data will be compared with the previous data and analyzed at these frequencies.

Adwiser for you, at the end of each data frequency, will examine and analyze the data and generate notifications that will be meaningful to you and interpret them for you.